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    Default Rest with God Alex Williamson with Virginia Department of Forestry

    Virginia Department of Forestry Chief Forest Tech for Halifax County, Virginia Alex Williamson was killed last night in a car accident in North Carolina when a metal object was thrown off or picked up from the road and thrown through the window of the SUV he was traveling in. Alex was a tech with the Virginia Department of Forestry. He was a veteran of Vietnam. Alex was a welcome sight on brush fires in Halifax County, Virginia and travelled the country to fight fires when Virgina was asked to assist other states. He conducted the Smokey Bear school visits here in the county for as long as I can remember. He trained local fire department members and assisted department with getting thousand of dollars in grants and equipment over the years. He will be missed greatly. Alex is survived by a wife and two children.

    Below is a link to the local newspaper web pages.


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    Wow, what a freak accident. RIP.

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