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    Quote Originally Posted by BC79er View Post
    That's 2011 thru 2014, must be a misprint. 2010 was authorized last year, that's where the rangle over the $380mil was when they upped SAFER to $420mil and Pascrell and Company added the other $10mil to it in a last minute compromise or something like that.
    The $380mil/$420mil was an appropriation not the authorization for the program.

    Looking up Public Law "P.L. 108-375"

    "There are authorized to be appropriated for the purposes
    of this section $900,000,000 for fiscal year 2005,
    $950,000,000 for fiscal year 2006, and $1,000,000,000 for each
    of the fiscal years 2007 through 2009.’’

    I cannot find anything to say it has been authorized for 2010.

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    Was voted in somewhere since DHS is spending the administration money from it doing the workshops. In the federal register somewhere, and since those on that side all say it's been passed and ready to go have to figure not finding it on the internet isn't anything special. Done searches for stuff before related to congressional doings and couldn't find stuff. Best was when I had a page open to what I wanted and the search engine for the site I was on couldn't find it. All depends on the nerd at the wheel writing the search algorithms...

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    CFDA 97.044

    Financial Information (120)
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    (Project Grants) FY 08 $560,000,000; FY 09 est $565,000,000; FY 10 est $300,000,000

    If the money was not already there that figure on FY10 would be "0"
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