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    I was wondering if anyone had any information on contaminants that can remain in bunker gear after washing through extractors, and the health effects they may have on family members. We have an SOG at our department that requires us to wash our gear in an extractor when "soiled", but we are still required to take both sets of gear home with us after every shift. My concern is that it has to ride in the back seat of my truck so it's not stolen, and my children have to ride back there too. I believe if I can get good statistical data/information/reports on the topic they could be persuaded. Their only two real arguments are 1.) you are supposed to clean your gear after a fire so it should be clean, and 2.) we have call backs on a working fire go directly to scene and this would slow the process if you have to return to the station first.

    I have looked online and have been unsuccessful at finding much on contaminants that remain in bunker gear after washing properly in an extractor. Any help would be appreciated.

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    get a tool box for the bed of your truck and carry it in that or buy a bag to put it in.

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