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Thread: San Pasqual Academy/ Advice

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    Default San Pasqual Academy/ Advice

    Has anyone here attended the San Pasqual Fire Academy? If so what was your experience there? I'm really interested in attending, I just wish that I had someone else's opinion.

    I recently decided to look into becoming a firefighter and everything I read and everyone I talk to makes me want to do it even more. I've been weight training and recently started running and working on my cardio. After I finish the academy I was planning on taking an EMT certification course at the local college in the fall. Besides this, I need some advise, any advice. I'm anxious to learn and anything would be of value to me.


    Academy -
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    I too am considering this would be great to get some other opinions on this. However I do think this topic might be in the wrong section.

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    I am attending academy 18 Jan 7. of 2013. Bellow is the all the information you may need to take advantage of this opportunity. The only prerequisite's are to be 18 years of age and posses a valid form of Identification. This is the only Academy that does not require any medical certifications.

    We are a California State Fire Marshal Accredited Academy for Fire Fighter I

    Approximately 15.5 College credits through the California Community College system. The San Pasqual Reservation Fire Academy is designed to train and equip cadets to meet state of California Fire Marshal, Fire Fighter Academy Standards, IFSAC Fire Fighter I & II. Fire Fighter curriculum is presented in a condensed 14 weeks format totaling 624 training hours. On completion of the San Pasqual Reservation Fire Academy cadets will also receive the (22) certifications listed below:

    SFM Fire Fighter I
    NWCG S – 100
    NWCG S – 200
    NWCG S – 110
    NWCG S – 130
    NWCG S – 131
    NWCG S – 190

    CSFM Confined Space Awareness
    CSFM Trench Rescue Operations
    CSFM Low Angel Rope Rescue
    CSFM Fire Control 1
    CSFM Fire Control 2
    CSFM Fire Control 3B
    CSFM Auto Extrication

    CSFM – ICS 200
    IFSAC – FF1
    IFSAC – FF2
    IFSAC Haz Mat Fro “Operations”
    IFSAC Haz Mat Fra “Awareness”
    CSTI Haz Mat Fro “Operations”
    CSTI Haz Mat Fra “Awareness”
    Swift Water Rescue Awareness

    Contact information:
    Tyler Combs, Recruiting coordination


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    I attended the academy and all I can say is that the PT is gnarly. There are a lot of hills in that area and just be prepared for getting your *****$$ handed to you everyday. Other than that it is a lot of work but will pay off for a great job in the future.

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    Didn't attend but this academy isn't highly regarded in the area. It'll get you a cert though.

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    I went there and it paid off for me. Few months later and I got on with one of the best departments in the state.
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