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    Default Ok. First Of All He Was Dumb

    For trying to bring a bottle to the airport. However, I believe he was correct to request observing staff pour it down the drain.


    Minister in tequila tussle at airport: CTV

    Canwest News Service March 19, 2010 1:09 AM

    Another incident has emerged involving a federal cabinet minister in a dispute with airport security.

    CTV reported last night that Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn tried to carry a bottle of tequila aboard a flight leaving from the Ottawa airport on Feb. 23 -- just four days after Helena Guergis's widely publicized temper tantrum at the airport in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

    Security rules limit passengers to containers filled with no more than 100 millilitres of liquid.

    According to the network, Blackburn asked that the bottle be kept for him. {we know they can't do that} But when security workers refused, the minister asked staff to pour the contents of the bottle down a drain in front of him.

    Airport officials were on the verge of summoning police, an unnamed source said.

    Blackburn's office issued a statement last night saying he respected airport rules.

    Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

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    I'm thinking of a couple of Red Skelton's old skits:
    The first one,he was going through customs and the agent asked where he'd been(Ireland) and what was in the bottle.
    He answered "Holy water" so the customs inspector opened the bottle,took a sniff and said "No,that's Irish whiskey".
    "Good Heavens,it's another miracle.",said Red.

    Another time,he was flying transatlantic and the stewardess came by to take his drink order.Being polite,he asked his seat mate,a Catholic priest, if he wanted anything from that cart(it held the alcohol).
    The Priest said,"No,I'm a little too close to the home office."

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