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    Default Congratulations to all 1199 and reduction holders. It's worth the wait.

    Ok, this is at Jam24's request. He's been on me to start a new thread once I got the award. Here it is:

    Congratulations Reade Area Ambulance! We got a $117,325 award for a new ambulance. Also, congratulations to all 1199 holders and those with reductions! The wait is absolutely painful, but its worth every minute once you get the award.

    I think Jam is going to use this thread to make fun of my impatience all throughout this process. I think this is the "Make fun of medstudent thread." So, it's ok. I can take it. Fire away everyone.

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    Red face Congratulations to You

    All I want to say is that you have been waiting about as long as we have. So congratulations to you but as has been said , now the real work begins. Heres hoping that you have some good help with the rest of the work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by medstudent13 View Post
    The wait is absolutely painful, but its worth every minute once you get the award.
    Don't think this means you can party your entire spring break away! You have lots of work left to do. Bids, test drives, fighting with your other members that think you must have the bells & whistles (or is that a Federal Q these days?), ... How about just a website so everyone else can see your prize when it arrives?

    Congratulations from those of us still waiting! :P
    "The views expressed are my own."

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    AAAAW the peace and quite.
    Congrats on the grant , we all know that you earned it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by medstudent13 View Post
    The wait is absolutely painful, but its worth every minute once you get the award.
    Told ya so

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    Congratulations Medstudent!!! I hate to say that any of us enjoyed the wait or the obvious anxiety as you waited for your award, but I am wondering what we will be able to do for fun now that you have your award!

    Hopefully you have a lot of good help with the entire purchase and closeout process. Your hard work and nervous worry has paid off and I don't think you could have planned it any better for the timing of the award to be the day you returned home and delivered the news yourself.

    While the news of the award feels great, nothing feels better than when you see the proceeds of the grant delivered and placed into service. The day this ambulance arrives will be a great day for you and you will realize that whether you are physically there or not, your efforts will have made a positive impact on your community for many years to come. This is true satisfaction!

    Now if you have any anxiety meds left over, could you send them to me? I just got a 1199A today for a regional training package and have several others pending with no indication of movement yet!!

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    Congrats to the Reade area ambulance for their award , and especially to you April for cracking one of the harder grants on your first attempt. Not many ambulances are awarded each year.
    Now after you finish doing the happy dance, get back to the books Dr. :-}

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    Wink Proper Chistening

    Miss April, we are all very happy for you, and - we- told - you- so!!

    Bet you been waking up in a good mood this week haven't you? I really hope you encounter no problems with acquiring the ambulance. That really is a hard one to get.

    Now when it is finally delivered, give it a proper christening like they do new boats. By proper I mean you and Doctor S. in the back to give it luck. Hey I said a proper christening!

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