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    Default Cairns air pack Mfg Date?

    We have some old(?) Cairns air packs that we are trying to replace vis AFG grant. Does anybody know how to tell Manufacture date from the serial #?

    ex. serial # is: 0012-4123

    we took posession of them new(?) in Jan of 2001.

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    They were manufactured in December 2000. Not much chance of getting packs of that standard replaced by AFG.

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    I was under the impression that Cairns/Global Secure SCBA had lost their NIOSH approval, and therefore their NFPA approval for fire use. It had to o with that fact that the closure of Global Secure left no factory-certified parts and repair stream for these packs; once they need flow testing or repair, there's nobody to do it in compliance with NIOSH/NFPA.

    That being the case, wouldn't they qualify for immediate replacement? Or do I have some bits missing or misplaced?
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