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    Default Airline Security that works!

    Just imagine the uproar if we did this here


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    And that, along with armed pilots and fortified ****pits, is why Israle has not had a terroristic event in their airlines or airports.

    But if you screen someone based on appearance, the ACLU gets their panties in a knot, the CAIR folks come out of the woodwork and whine, and the libs freak.........yet when something happens, it is all about why you did not do enough.

    These scumbag terrorists will use any method possible to kill infidels - women, children, teenagers, the old. It does not matter, so you need you need to fight them. Well trained, well educated, and truly dedicated screeners can help thwart them, but the powers that be won't allow because the methods used are not deemed "politically correct."
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    Armed pilots and stronger c.o.c.k.pit doors is one thing but as you said,trained security screeners do most of the work of keeping terrs off the planes.
    While they can't keep the instant axeholes(just add alcohol and dehydrate him!) off the plane too well,they can spot people who are counting on political correctness to avoid being assaulted with so much as a dirty look.It then becomes their job to do something about it,whether the solution is "Sir,would you please come over here.It must be a mistake but you raised a flag in our system and we'd like to clear it as quickly as we can to get you on your way" to "Freeze,dirtball.Don't move!Boy Wonder,get the innocent citizens away from this terminal NOW!" when they do spot something that it out of sorts.
    After all,the one guy they catch with explosives in his skivvies might be trying to take out the screening system so someone else can get through when they reopen that line before repairs are complete to alleviate delays that passengers will be sure to [female dog] about.

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