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Thread: Recertification

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    Default Recertification

    Do FFT1 and FFT2 certifications expire if you don't go through a yearly refresher?

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    Recurrent Training
    In order to maintain currency, some positions have identified recurrent training (RT) at various intervals. For more information, consult the Field Managerís Course Guide, PMS 901-1.

    Annual Fireline Safety Refresher (RT-130) Training
    Attendance at an Annual Fireline Safety Refresher (RT-130) is required for designated positions in this guide in order to maintain currency, and for all personnel assigned to positions with fireline duties and for any position assigned to the fireline for nonsuppression tasks.

    Annual Fireline Safety Refresher (RT-130) training will focus on mandatory core content subjects and not on a minimum timeframe standard. The required number of hours is determined by the agency.

    Core content is listed under Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Training at

    Source: National Interagency Incident Management System
    Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide PMS 310-1
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    Thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to try and answer the question.

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