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    Default Entry level test questions?

    Here are a few questions that I was unsure about on the entry level exam (not sure of the exact wording):

    1.) If you were to see a fellow firefighter taking jewelry from a fire scene what would you do? A. Tell supervisor B. Confront him yourself and see what he is doing (the other two answers I know weren't correct)

    2.) If a veteran firefighter told you how to do something but it was different from what you were taught, what would you do?
    A. Tell him thats not how you were taught and do it your way B. Do it his way C. Tell him you appreciate the help but your going to do it your way

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    These are some of the Questions I Found on my Ergometrics Practice Test.
    Luckily for you I got these ones right.

    For question 1 you would want to confront the FF taking the jewelry. he might be salvaging anything that survived the fire for the family. If he says he didn't put anything in his pocket or something that would suggest he is stealing you need to tell him to come clean and inform your Lt. or Chief on the scene or you will. It comes down to integrity. You don't want to automatically assume he is a thief but it is something you need to follow up on. Firefighters are in a position of trust, if there is a dishonest individual on a crew he needs to be dealt with.

    For question 2 It kinda depends on what he's telling you to do I think. If he is offering an easier way to do something that does not compromise safety or quality and is based of his years of wisdom and experience go with it.
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