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    My department is looking to replace our tanker. We are looking at a coulpe of different smaller builders , deep south and freedom fire. Anyone with experiance with these please tell me the good and the bad. Don't want to make a mistake this will have to last many years. Any other good builders can be thrown in also. Thanks
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    We have a 1986 Ford/Deep South 2500 gallon tanker ( It's been a pretty good truck, but when we bought our newer tanker, we went with Fouts ( Fouts ( was $8k cheaper AND this included a poly tank versus a lined steel on the Deep South.

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    Anything about freedom fire?

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    Our tankers are from Monroe Truck Equipment and we have love them. They handle as well as our engines do, if not better.

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    Two of our neighboring departments have a few 35 year old Deep South tankers, and are in the process of replacing them. Of course, they are buying from Deep South again. We have never used them, but by all accounts, they are a good company to deal with and they put out a quality product. They don't get too flashy or anything, though. Here is one of our neighboring department's new tankers:
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