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    Default Traffic Safety

    Does anyone know if there are grants available to obtain traffic safety equipment such as collapseable cones, strobes and etc.

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    I've thought about trying one of the insurance company grants for this. Several of them say one of the priorities is roadway safety, so I figure safety through a workzone would fall under that. I just haven't jumped on it.

    We have some equipment our PD stores on our truck that they recieved from an LLEBG (I think that's the name of it, at least) grant. They decided they didn't have the room in their trunk and figured we were on the same incidents, or could be with a simple request, so they asked us to haul it. Two sets of four collapsible cones and two signs.

    You can also chat with your local state DOT office. I've heard of some departments getting cones and signs from them. My career department actually had MoDOT buy them some signs/cones since we protect a large section of the interstate.

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    We've gotten a lot of that from the local MODOT barn too, cones, stop/slow signs. The flashing LED's that LifeNet provides for LZ's work great at night in place of flares too.

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    Default tried Stat Farm grant, unsuccessful

    I tried submitting an Auto and Roadway Safety Grant request from State Farm this year, was never officially notified that I had been rejected (had to call to find out), was told that they make no equipment donations and more so their employee volunteers time?, kinda confused and upset me after thinking my request was pretty darn good and thought out, maybe i just misunderstood what they funded...

    read what they fund by following the link below

    if anyone has ever recieved funding from them please speak up

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    Over the years we have done quite well just "finding" traffic cones on the side of the road, but now MODOT and other agencies are using the poles, and they don't stack. Makes it very difficult to use.

    All is not lost though. Almost every state gets funding for "the state and community highway safety grant program" through the feds. I found out about it as they have funded a LOT of LED light bars for the cops.

    As MODOT says to expect a 2 hour time frame from the call to them arriving on the scene to assist with traffic, we want two LED trailer signs, with a pile of fold up signs, cones, and flags, that could travel anywhere in our county.

    From its program guidance...

    programs that reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes occurring on Missouri roadways and reduce traffic fatalities and injuries. Areas of emphasis include alcohol- and/or drug–impaired driving, speeding, safety belt and child safety seat use, inattention or distracted driving, young drivers, mature drivers, and traffic crash data collection and analysis.

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    Received a State Farm grant for arrowstick directional light bars for two of our engines, and two of our rescues a couple of years ago.

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