I live in Delaware and have a strong interest in getting hired by a county department and some city departments.

Delaware, of all the counties (3), non are paid. The only career department is the City of Wilmington.

I have been recently looking into some of the Maryland counties that are career. Howard County is my first choice, a few guys from my vollunteer department work there and it seems like a great place to work, but I am keeping my options open.

I know of a few paid counties in Maryland:
Anne Arundel
Prince Georges

I dont know about the other counties, if someone could add to the list that would be great. If you know of some PA counties near Delaware, that would be helpful as well.

North Carolina has my interest as well but I know nothing about whats to offer there.

Does anyone have some advice for what counties to look after? Im signed up on news letters for a few of the MD counties and still have a year before I can start applying becuase of college.

Any help would be appriciated.