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    Default Preference/Bonus Points Letter

    Hello all,

    I have to write a letter to one of the department's who's inital eligibility list I've made. I talked with the secretary in charge of the application process, and she is not sure if my AAS in EMS counts for their points. I was wondering if when writing to the Board of Police & Fire Commissioners, there is a set format to follow. I'd really like a formatted example to follow, as I prefer to follow proper grammer guidelines.

    Thank you everyone.

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    Google is an awesome search engine: business letter format, I bet you'll find a ton of examples, I know I did when I typed it in there.

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    I can find a business letter format for sure, and use Google all the time. I'm specifically looking for wording for the request to add education points. Do I say, "I am writing you requesting to have my AAS in EMS count for education points for your department's hire list?" Do I say something different? Things like that. I can format a letter, it's the content that I am more looking for.

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