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    Man attempting summer Ucluelet-Hawaii crossing starts offshore trials

    By Stefania Seccia, Westerly News March 30, 2010 12:03 PM

    Ucluelet - A record-breaking aficionado is in Ucluelet and he's getting ready with his boat WiTHiN to start trials for the next few days weather permitting.

    Greg Kolodziejzyk, WiTHiN skipper, is planning a 4,500-kilometre trip on his human powered, custom-designed boat from Ucluelet to Hawaii on July 1, which will take him about 50 to 90 days to reach.

    Right now he's getting ready to launch out of Ucluelet and travel west into the Pacific in his offshore trials, he said. "I'm trying to make it as real as possible," Kolodziejzyk told the Westerly about piloting the boat alone this time and going offshore.

    The boat is powered by pedalling, much like that of a bicycle, and he expects to pedal 14 hours a day when he's going to Hawaii. "There are two aspects of training," he said. "One being out here in the water and the other is the physical part of 20 to 30 hours a week of cycling just getting ready for 14 hours a day of pedalling non stop so that's kind of the two areas I'm focused on right now."

    The boat is composed of solar panels on the outside that generate power for the GPS, radios and water makers. It has a cabin in the back, a bulkhead seat, a peddle, and the space between where he will be crawling back and forth from the **** pit to the cabin.

    "There's a hatch that keeps it water tight in case the **** pit were to flood," he explained. Kolodziejzyk will start his several or one-day trial (weather dependent) this week with the help of his accompanying safety boat Theodora with skipper, and friend, Clive McGowan at the helm.

    "It depends on the weather," he said. "My thoughts change on the weather. It was looking okay after the storm and the long-term forecast, but now it's not looking so super great with 40 to 50 nautical winds. We might end up going straight out for the day and coming back again.

    About eight weeks ago Kolodziejzyk was doing his first inshore trial with a friend with him in WiTHiN up Vancouver Island's inside passage from Nanaimo and 300 km non stop for three days to Port McNeil.

    "The first trial with this boat [in Nanaimo] was just to get the systems working right and get a feel for the boat and all that. It was a good test and now we'll get out into the big sprawls and make sure it's stable."

    The grueling trip was at times quite dangerous but was made up for by the rare site of coming face to face with 12 orcas that followed them around in the Johnstone Strait. He was in Tofino two years ago doing a trial run with this boat's prototype.

    If he makes it to Hawaii, Kolodziejzyk will be the first person to navigate those waters with nothing but the power in his legs. But, it won't be the first record he breaks using his own strength.

    In July 2006 he broke his first world record by pedalling his human powered vehicle Critical Power 1,041 km in one day. In September 2008 he took his Critical Power Two (the boat version) 245.16 km in 24 hours around a lake.

    "It grew from there and now I'm in pursuit of the limits of human power," he said. WiTHiN will be the boat he takes with him on the trip. "We used some of the technology we developed with the propeller and all that stuff to make a boat that could take me across the ocean," he explained. "We hired a naval architect out of Australia to do the design of the boat so there's a lot of expertise involved in this design."

    If the offshore trial is successful he will head back to his home in Calgary next weekend. "It all depends on how things go here," he said. "If I have to come back I'll come back and give it another shot."

    He said he wants to figure out the sea anchor and ensure he is comfortable with the boat's stability when chopping the big waves. "We'll get that opportunity here," he added. Kolodziejzyk has completed 12 ironman triathlons, about 24 marathons and two 100-km utlramarathons.

    For more information visit or

    Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist


    More Images Another view of Greg Kolodziejzyk's vessel that he intends to travel to Hawaii in this July.Photograph by: Files, Times Colonist

    {I can't help thinking it looks like a Spitfire without wings!}
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