Brush fire on lake shore fills south Provo with smoke, ash

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A brush fire in south Provo filled the sky with black smoke Monday evening.

The fire was near 1600 West and 1700 South, said Provo Deputy Fire Chief Gary Jolley. The area is along the shore of the lake and far from any structures except for a few telephone poles. Power went out for some residents when a line fuse blew, but power was quickly restored. Crews were working Monday night to repair the fuse.

The fire was nearly out around 8:30 p.m. on Monday. Jolley said as the air cools, the humidity goes up a bit and helps to dampen the fire. He said crews would watch the fire through the night to make sure it is completely out.

The fire burned phragmites along the lake shore, which Jolley said contain a lot of natural oil.

"That's why you get a lot of black smoke," he said. "It burns really bright, kind of impressive, and it also puts out a lot of ash."

Some Provo residents reported seeing 6-inch pieces of ash falling from the sky. Some headed outside with binoculars to catch a glimpse of the blaze.

Jolley said the fire burned an area of land about 200 yards wide and a mile or a mile and a half long.