Hello all,

I'm a 19 year old college student majoring in Social Sciences. My immediate family bleeds blue, thats right I come from a law enforcement family, but I have recently been exploring the idea of firefighting as a career. I plan on attaining an EMT B certification through my local community college and applying to be a volunteer firefighter while I'm in college. I understand that career firefighters are actually the minority, and I feel blessed to live in an area fairly close to two large metro areas who claim to hire between 30 and 50 new recruits annually. So, my main goals right now are to work to improve my resume so that when the time comes for me to apply for a paid firefigher position, I have what it takes to make it into the upper ranks of the eligibility list. I hope to learn a lot from this site, and from the men and women on the forums. I look forward to speaking to you.