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    Hi guys,

    New to this site, found it searching for grant stuff... was wondering if anyone would care to share a winning narrative for wildland pumper (type III). Our department will be going for one, haven't had any luck as of yet but were waiting on a health and wellness program for AFG and a SAFER grant. Appreciate any help

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    Welcome to the forums. We have all been in your position before, and someone will make the comment about using the search function in the gray bar.

    I can share an 1199'd narrative of which i am sitting on. This is more designed for a type II, but is based upon type III narratives and Type I narratives. I also have a bunch of narratives I have collected over the last 18 months.

    If you want these, click on my red name tag, and click on send a private message..... Drop in your e-mail and i will send them.

    Note on the forums:

    *Don't give out your e-mail address on the public forum. Same goes for phone numbers. You will get vendors calling and e-mailing you stuff.
    *You will hear talk of the "gurus". They are the experienced guys. Three off the top of my head: BC79er, OneBugle, and ktb9780.

    Once again welcome. This is the place to go for your questions.

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