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    just to introduce myself I am currently an active duty Infantry Marine in California (OIF and OEF vet).

    Anyway im getting out this year and im very interested in becoming a wildland firefighter in Montana (where im originally from). i really want to work for the forest service.

    I just need some info on how i should go about becoming a fulltime wildland firefighter and not just a seasonal one.

    Dont forget i have the GI Bill and even though im a Marine im not too stupid for college or schooling what so ever.

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    First things first... Thank You for your service and defending our freedoms.

    As for getting on with the Forest Service, contact your local forest/district fire staff and see how they work. Not everyone hires off the internet. This is important, so they can know you and you know what exactly the steps needed will be.

    In the meantime, go set up a profile at AVUE and get your profile with work and education experience completed. Then when you are ready to apply, you just need to fill in/update the necessary info.

    Good Luck.
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