Just thinking back to the year that the US Marine accidentally hoisted the Canadian flag upside down, and the noise that was made over that.....

Flag caper upsets U.S. desert townsfolk

Canwest News Service April 6, 2010

Sure, it was juvenile. Maybe even mean-spirited. But criminal?

Authorities in a Southern California resort town say charges are possible against two Canadian men suspected of tearing down a U.S. flag and hoisting a Canadian one in an apparent act of post-Olympic hockey gloating.

The flag-swapping caper happened Feb. 28 -- the day Canada beat the U.S. in the men's hockey final -- in La Quinta, Calif.

La Quinta police Lt. Jason Huskey said investigators believe the pranksters had been watching the game at a pub before trekking up a steep, craggy mountain known as Point Happy to replace the flag.

Many local residents said they were not amused.

The flag's keeper, Mayte Sterling, 58, said she couldn't believe it when a neighbour alerted her to the prank. "I was surprised, shocked," said Sterling. "It's a special place."

Sterling said she put up the flag to commemorate victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. She said she replaces the flag every six months because winds can cause the flag's edges to fray.

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