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    Default Firehouse Vs. NIFRS 5.0

    We are a small Volunteer department and we are currently using fire house software. Well we are thinking about going to the NIFRS 5.0 software, we are not using Firehouse to its fullest capabilities because, well its to damn explensive. Can anybody give me any insite on what might be better suited for our department, Firehouse or the NIFRS 5.0 programe

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    Ditto. Anyone offer a shareware program? All we are interested in is reporting function.

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    Irony at it's best... I'm currently using Alpine Software's Red Alert entry level system and am looking to migrate to Firehouse for better record keeping!

    My County received an 'archives' grant around 2002 for desktops and our choice of either FH or Red Alert. Most went with Red Alert... One of my co-workers recently priced out the entry level package and found it to be just over $1,200.00.

    I can't necessarily say too many bad things about it, my leaders only bought one year's worth of updates, so I'm working off of 2003 NFIRS data! The members records, alarm records and training records are ok, but I would like to capture more in-depth data on my folks. The inventory system is basic by any means.

    My plan to move over to the 'standard' bundle adds occupancy and inspection information to my "current" package as well as additional layers to the other modules. Both packages are NFIRS 5 'certified' I got a preliminary quote for FH at around $3,400.00 (will actually be announcing the bid packages next week!) So, hopefully in another month I'll be tracking my 'stuff' in more detail... (Thanks AFG!!!) Originally, AFG wanted to cut the software package right out of my application, but when I asked THEM for a list of "free or minimal cost" NFIRS software, they couldn't provide it. I also advised them this is why I'm in the boat I'm in now, because I tried some of the minimal cost stuff that never really worked or they went out of business...

    FH is a bit more complicated, but to me it's worth it. I'm trying to get ALL my records in line (trying to lower my ISO rating)

    NEIOWA: NYS has an on-line NFIRS program for in state FD's (that's all it does) Wondering if your state 'fire marshals' office has something similar. That would help you out...

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    There are several minimalist software programs to do basic nfirs reporting.
    Most of them offer no support or upgrades and don't really work well. Most states offer a basic program to allow you to upload NFIRs info to them for free.

    We have been using Firehouse for 7 years and it does what they claim. However it's not inexpensive. They [ FH/ACS ] were just bought by Xerox corporation , so who knows what will happen now as far as support & development.

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    We're using FirePrograms, which is a little cheaper than Firehouse.

    We went with FP a few years back after demo'ing both FP and FH. Each had its pros and cons, but they were fairly compatible. It came down to cost.

    The problem I have with the basic NFIRS 5.0 is you can't save your apparatus/personnel info (or at least couldn't when we looked at it 3-4 years ago), so you have to enter those each and every time.

    With FirePrograms, you save your info and just click to add apparatus and personnel to each run.

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    There are a number of programs out there that you pay for per run entered if your just looking for NFIRS stuff. Most are web based which can be an advantage too.

    I'm on Firehouse Enterprise so I'm not speaking from experience, Just thought I would throw out that there are web based alternatives too.

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