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    Default Firehouse Software Vs. NFIRS 5.0

    We are a small Volunteer department and we are currently using fire house software. Well we are thinking about going to the NIFRS 5.0 software, we are not using Firehouse to its fullest capabilities because, well its to damn expensive. Can anybody give me any insite on what might be better suited for our department, Firehouse or the NIFRS 5.0 programe

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    We use NFIRSonline.com it costs about $250.00 per year with our call volume. It is an online system that can be accessed from about anywhere.

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    New York State's Office of Fire Prevention and Control (kind of our Fire Marshall's Office) has an on-line link to enter NFIRs for free. Unfortunately, that only tracks the fire report and all of the 'other' data the FD tracks must be recorded somehow else...

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