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    Default IFSI "Light and Fights" Question

    Any of you guys ever go to the IFSI “Light, and Fights” I am really big into training, and am looking into going to one of these. I heard they are free of charge and IFSI staff either puts on “live fire” in a Dept’s burn tower, or an acquired structure(s). I know there are a few coming up in Rockford, and one in Rock Island that I saw on IFSI’s calendar. I also know there is a lot of them (almost weekly) at IFSI training grounds, but I think that’s a bit of a drive for only 8 hours of live fire. I would like to go to one that is closer, since it is free, cannot beat free training right? So any thoughts/comments on the “Light and Fights.” Also how are some of the other Cornerstone programs. They have a huge list on their website with a huge amount of free classes such as officer trainning, car extricaion (basic and advanced), car fire live fire classes, tons of other hands on/ classroom type classes. Thanks a lot.
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    Supposedly the next one in Cherry Valley (May) is full, I'd call ahead before trying to make the trip.
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    The "Light and Fight's" held at the institute are an excellent source of training. Lots of different scenarios taught by instructors from all around the state. From entry and search in a standard residentital, to stand pipe and high rise evolutions. I assure you, you will have your fill of live fire training by the end of the day.

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    The 8 hour tower burns are great. I went a few years ago. 100 people broke into 10 groups of 10. There are 10 evolutions. We made it through 9 of them. They set up scenarios at all of the buildings. We did everything from forcible entry to RIT to Search, etc. My butt was dragging for the three hour trip home.

    IFSI Regional Training Center Light and Fight. I have been to several of these and have also assisted in several of these. Everyone in our area (RTC is in Carbondale and Harrisburg) usually have a great time and really enjoy it. A lot of times it depends on the instructors on what gets done. We ran basic and advanced on the same day (in different areas) to keep things moving and to provide different levels of training.
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