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    Default Marion Body Back In Georgia

    Marion Body Works is back in Georgia! Their dealer is Fearless Flames Inc out of Canton GA. I hear they sold their first Marion to Gwinnett County Police swat team. Marion body last trucks sold in Georgia were in the 1980s. Sold by Harolds sale & Service in Marietta GA. I also here really good things about the sale rep. He is a long time service tech in Georgia and they say he really knows trucks. Looks like Georgia has one of the best manufactures back in the state.Hope they do well

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    Thats good to hear. Hopefully they will do well.
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    Here is the contact info for the dealer, great news for GA and Marion Body

    Fearless Flames, Inc.
    Chuck Miller
    310 Lori Lane
    Canton, GA 30114



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    Thumbs up Marion back in GA.

    Man I so happy to see Marion Body Works back in GA. They build the finest apparatus money can buy.They are so custom on every thing they build. A little higher price. But this day in time you get what you pay for. The folks at Marion are so great to work with also. They want you to have the best truck you will ever own. The workmanship that goes into their apparatus is the best. All of these big manufactures have lowered Quality of their trucks for numbers. They want to sell more trucks faster. When someone builds over 1200 trucks a year you know they are just throwing them together. I want a truck truck built to last 20 years or more. You can bet we will look at Marion for our next truck!

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    We currently have 2 Marion trucks and 1 new pumper in production right NOW....Our Rescue is a 1988, and looks like the day it was delivered. Everyone is astonished its 22 years old. our pumper is a 1997 and it too looks like it just rolled off the line..

    Marion builds great trucks and they realy care about what the needs of the department are.

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