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    At work we have a grocery store literally right next door so we usually eat in. Right across the street we have a pizza joint and Chinese place. But we are able to head out to other places to grab lunch. We just check on the air, grab food, and head back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneWheel View Post
    1. Must go "available on air"
    2. Must be in territory
    3. Must Be able to respond to apparatus within a minute
    4. Must not park to where it obstructs the traffic flow thru parking lot.
    5. Must be able to see apparatus from where we sit.
    6. Under no circumstances can we dine anywhere with live entertainment.
    This is fairly similar to how we handle things. Although our rules/regs don't specifically address fire companies eating at restaurants, we do have policies with regards to entering locations where alcohol is served. For the most part, if alcohol is served there, we cannot enter that location unless we are operating in an "official capacity", i.e. emergency run, inspection, and etc.

    We typically eat all three meals at the station. We each pay $10-15 per person and that provides breakfast lunch and dinner. Most station have a cooking rotation where everyone takes a turn cooking. Some stations are fortunate in that one or two members are the "full-time" cooks by choice.

    We typically go to the store after breakfast and before the busier times of the day. We try to combine this trip with either coming back from a run or after plug maintenance and/or inspections.

    One member (typically the driver) must remain with the apparatus at all times when away from the station. We try to park out of the way to allow for a quick response and to not draw attention to ourselves. Although some of the best PR I've had with the public has been while shopping, there are folks who love to complain to the media, city council members, and etc. for little or no reason.

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    We can go out once a day in our district so we usually eat out for lunch and the on the way back from lunch stop at a grocery store for dinner. Never had any complaints from citizens but we as a dept tend not to abuse the privilege. As long as no more than an Engine and a ladder truck or more than 2 engine's eat together then it's okay. In the case of 2 engine's eating together a ladder or an engine must be in the engine that is out of district to respond to calls. Ladder trucks aren't confined to a district and can travel city-wide.

    We don't run a lot of calls but our citizen's see us out doing pub ed all the time or doing PT in front of the station so we have pretty good PR.

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