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    Default Job openings site?

    I am trying to find fire departments and ambulance services that are hiring in Indiana, but I can't seem to find a worth while site that can tell me what departments are actually hiring. Of course I am also looking around from the departments that are close to me and seeing if anyone has heard of anything, but I want a more direct way to find out who's hiring. I've tried looking on here for them, but this site never seems to let me do a search on the "Jobs" page. Does anyone have any good sites for job openings?

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    if you can't find anything, you are not trying hard enough...

    indeed.com ( searches all other search engines)
    911hotjobs.com (has alot, but not all departments)

    departments in Indiana hiring:
    Michigan City, IN
    Jeffersonville, IN
    Pike Township (Indianapolis- deadline has passed)
    Fishers, IN - this May
    West Lafayette, IN
    Sugar Creek Township

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    Best thing to do here in Indy is get in the loop with some people that work and also follow the departments on the news. For example, Westfield FD (Hamilton County) is building a new station that should open in about a year. Thus, they'll probably need to hire some new FF for that station. I would watch their website for openings.

    Unfortunately, a lot of departments in IN are NOT hiring right now due to the economy. Few have had to actually RIF anyone, but it is happening by not replacing people that have retired or left.

    If you haven't been there yet, check out:


    It won't tell you who's hiring, but it's a pretty comprehensive list of all the depts in the state. You can search by county and then at the bottom of most of the pages, it has a link to that dept's website, if they have one.

    What area are you looking to work?

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