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    Default Help!?! Am I doing the right thing?

    We got a grant in the middle of last month. We gave vendors almost 3 weeks to bid. We have had the bids back for about 2 weeks. They (committee in charge of choosing ambulance) called me tonight and said they've made their decision (which I think they made the right choice).

    The vendor called them and said if we gave him our decision by tomorrow that he would take it and have the 4x4 conversion done this week.

    I sort of put the brakes to this. I told them (committee) to give me a list documenting the reasons why they want this particular ambulance over the others because I think it's important both for documentation for the grant file and it makes us less likely to get a hunk of junk for an ambulance if I know they've considered all the options seriously.

    Also, don't we need a contract before the vendor starts doing work on the ambulance? (Apparently, they don't need a down payment)

    I asked the officers to put the brakes to this project for two weeks, which will give me time to review the grant management website and contact our GMS to make sure we are going about this correctly.

    Everything sound ok to you experts? We planned on giving verbal notification to the vendor telling him his bid was awarded, but I don't think they should start doing work on it when we don't have all the details or even a final price worked out yet.
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    The department should have a written contract providing all the specs and what the vendor is offering at what price. Then have an attny review it to make sure it has protection language in it so that if they don't deliver the product specified you aren't stuck with a junker.
    Who is doing the 4 wheel drive conversion?
    Are they a QVM certified shop?
    do they have a warrantee for the work?
    Does it meet the chassis manufacturers specs ?
    Will the alteration alter the chassis manufacturers warrantee?
    I would not jump to keep the salesman happy, be sure you know what you are getting. You will have to live with this Ambulance for a long time.

    PM me if you have any other questions

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    They may have a demo unit that meets your needs and needs 4x4. Also they may have an ambulance that was made for someone else and it got canceled. I find it hard to believe they have an ambulance ready for you sooooo soon!

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    I'd tell him if he wants to start the thing, he's on his own nickel. Tell him in writing that you appreciate his resourcefulness in saving you some time, but that you won't be committed to buy anything until you've signed a contract.
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    Good advice from all three above, medstudent!
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