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    Default What now?

    For those of us who were rejected, what do we do now? Who do we talk to in order to make our applications worthy of an award?

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    Cool start with the basics

    1)Is the project your most urgent and important need, that you could explain to anyone?
    2)Does your project meet the HIGHEST funding priorities of THIS YEARS program guide? ( not yet released, and when it is are you willing to read all 80 plus pages 3 times?)
    3) is your pricing in line with real costs and not some inflated salesmen idea of what to do for grant apps."so you have money left over"
    4) have you followed the narrative outline, had others outside of your dept. review and understand it, and most importantly have you listened to everyone of their suggestions as to what they don't understand or think is clear and made the changes they recommend?
    5) are you starting to work on it NOW, so you have plenty of time to do the job right instead of in the last minutes?

    Hope this helps, good luck in 10

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