Hello brothers and sisters. Not one truck in my Dept. has a "Q" on it. We have an older one on a shelf that needs to be put back in service. We are getting a new truck hopefully in may this year (2010). I have knowledge in wiring and all that but never hooked up a "Q" before. I know I will have to fabricate some sort of bracket for the bumper since its flush against the cab. And i just happen to have a degree in custom fabrication and metal working so that's no problem. but does any one have any advice on how to hook this up? i don't believe there is a brake on it. but what kind of switch do i need to spin it and do i need an alternate power source or will zero gauge wire to the battery work? Im going to the house now to get pics of the siren and truck its going on so every one has a better view on what im working with. and who don't love pics of Q's and trucks any who.

stay safe.