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    Default HME Engine Officer's Steps

    Is anyone having any passenger (Officer's) side step issues with the newer HME Engines and Rescue Trucks. We have been having a rash of injuries due to the way the steps are configured. There are two steps one just inches from below the other and only one grab bar mounted on the outside towards the back of the rig. It is set up in a way that the rider can't step out the normal way backwards because there is nothing to hold on to, so our FF's are stepping out facing forward and since the steps are one right under the other they can't step on both steps with a full foot you usually catch the second with just your heel and with your gear on it slips off.

    There appears to be some standard that requires the steps to be mounted that way and we were thinking about adding more grab bars but I was looking to see if anyone else was dealing with this type of problem and how you might have solved it.

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    Sounds like you should add some interior grab handles to me.

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    We teach our guys to go out facing in toward the cab( not an HME) and use the two grab bars, one each side to step down like you're climbing back down a ladder. If you go out of the cab facing outwards they tend to jump past the last step and it's a ways to the ground and a twisted ankle is not uncommon. Sounds like you need some more grab handles.

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