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    Default New Posts feature wonky?

    Anyone else having issues with the "New Posts" feature only showing a few recent threads?

    The past few days it has only showed 4 or 5 new threads from the past few hours, even though I last visited last night. Yesterday evening it did the same thing, even though there should have been 3 or 4 pages of new posts over the course of the day, as I hadn't visited since early morning. And the same thing yesterday morning, it only showed a few threads.
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    I've seen similar issues the last couple of days. Also noticed that it refreshes before I can get through all of the new posts and reverts to a few posts that have come in while I was scanning the original list.

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    Yes, it's really annoying..

    If you go to the User CP, usually you see all the threads you are subscribed to that have new posts.

    Only works until I open the first new post in the first thread. Hit User CP again and it shows no new threads.
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