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    Default Use of a Brand Name

    We have some departments who are requesting 800mhz radios for use on a Motorola "Smartzone" system operated by the county. The reality of this type of system is that Motorola radios are the only radios that work on the system. In addition, the radios require "smartzone" software which jacks up the price of the radios. Therefore, I think it is important to provide some justification for why the radios cost as much as they do. As part of this justification, I plan to specify in the narrative that the system is a Motorola Smartzone system and that the radios must have additional software to operate on this system. However, I won't say anything about buying Motorola radios.

    Does anybody think this will be perceived as specifying a "brand name" and will call the application into question, or is it valid justification for the cost of the radio.


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    If the only product that will work is what you need, then you can justify the brand name issue.
    In your case the county bought proprietary technology that is designed to "ONLY" allow users to buy their products. You can however go out to bid to multiple "M"other may I dealers. The blame for this falls squarely on the administrator that got sucked in by a salesman's promise to buy this system. You will pay a lot more than is needed to comply with this technology purchase.

    Disclaimer: Do not take this as a slam against "M". rather the fools that allowed their county/state systems to be restricted to sole source vendor communications products.
    Any time the end users are told what they have to buy and this is how much you WILL spend it makes me wonder where the kickbacks are going. In the end we all get to take it in the shorts as taxpayers to fund these kind of deals.

    The additional cost of these radios may make your cost / benefit ratio go out of line compared to other applications that don't have to spend ridiculous $$$ per portable. A top of the line digital p-25 radio can be bought for less than 1/3 of the price of what you are forced to buy. just something to consider, does everyone need a smartzone portable?
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    trying to bump this to the top because of the timing glitch with the forums....

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    EFJohnson makes radios fully compatable with Mother Smartzone systems.

    Now - whowever manages that system may not want them on there, for
    reasons to include ignorance, not being able to program them, or other
    more nefarious reasons.

    They are not all that much cheaper - they license the technology from Motorola.

    but agreed - shame on someone.

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    Yep probablay wiser to state that they " must be compatible with".
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