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    Default Oregon Dept. Of Forestry Questions

    Hello I received two letters from the Oregon department of forestry about openings that I applied for. One was for Veneta in Oregon ( near eugene) and Lyons. The letter asked me to write a paper explaining my experience with hard physical effort, teamwork and dealing with difficult people. I believe I wrote a very strong letter and emailed it to them. This was two weeks ago and I have not received anything (not even a notification or reply for email).

    I am wondering what is the next step I should take?


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    Did you mail directly back to the districts or to Salem HR? I'd call the district and ask to the speak with the fire protection supervisor at each location and be sure they have received the letter and ask if they have any questions. Or you can email them.

    I also have applications in all over with ODF and have been in the process of doing interviews and responding to written questions. They aren't very fast to respond as they typically bring new hires on around June. I expect to start hearing back from them with job offers or "thanks but no thanks" type responses in early to mid May. I've worked for ODF before and when I was hired on I got the call a little less than a week before fire school started.

    Be patient is the best advice I can give you, but definitely contact the protection supervisors and get your name in their heads.

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