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    Default Non-affiliated EMS question

    Among other things, I am a grant writer for a non-affiliated EMS service in New Jersey. In New Jersey, state law requires that ALS be provided by a hospital or a cooperative of multiple hospitals. As I read the funding priorities in the 2010 AFG guidance, it heavily favors ALS services or services that are upgrading from BLS to ALS. My read on this is that my service has an ice cube's chance in hell of being awarded, along with the other 400 plus eligible EMS services in New Jersey. Am I reading this correctly? Do I need to tell the leadership to get on the horn to the Congresspeople on Monday morning? Thank you!

    Phil Goldsmith

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    Prior to 2009 BLS was the priority, and feedback showed that ALS was more needed as a whole so it was changed. Not after much discussion though. In NJ I don't think you have too much of an issue since none of the ALS agencies can apply since it has to be non-affiliated applicants. If the hospitals provide any direct support (vehicles, payroll, etc) then the agency isn't eligible to apply.

    Besides, plenty of BLS got awarded this year in the first year of the change.

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