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    Default Incident Report Form help please.

    Greetings everyone it has been a while since I have posted on here. Hello to all my old friends and new ones I shall make. I am in the process of making a incident report form. Not as in run sheet or call response. I am referring to being on call , or function and something happens. Like firefighter smith and firefighter Jones are on a call and they have a disagreement with each other, the public, another department, the police whoever else you can think of. My questions are.

    1. Do you have a disclaimer at the signature part saying this statement is true to the best of my knowledge kind of thing?

    2. Other than person making reports name, the date, date of incident, location and who is involved what other information do you have or suggest to place on said form?

    Thanks to everyone who can help me out on this one.

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    I served a couple terms as Captain of one of my counties Volunteer EMS agencies (Same rank as Chief of FD on the Org Chart / Totem Pole) and we never had a form for this and to my knowledge no other agency in my county has one.

    If you were to try to Google it - try the term "Complaint Form" or similar.

    We operate similar to what SWFD22 stated - Simply submit your complain, gripe, concern, issue, etc in writing with the relevant facts / details of the incident & I will investigate or pass up the chain as needed.

    My policy here is the same as regular report documentation - if it isn't in writing it didn't happen. I did get some "chin music" from a member or two over having to do this (generally over petty arguments that shouldn't have happened in the first place but I digress) and my response to that was "If it's not important enough for you to take YOUR time to write it down, why should I spend MY time dealing with it?"

    Hope this helps or at least gives you some things to think about.

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    I bet there is a NIMS form out there somewhere...

    For the situations you have listed we do not have a set form. I have always asked the person making the complaint to write up a short description of what took place. I also will write up "notes" which consists of any facts that are known.

    We do have forms for First Report of Injury, which includes any type of Infectious Exposure potential, Accident, Apparatus Maintenance, etc.


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    Here you go:

    Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

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