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    Default Mobile Communications Center Apps

    Anyone been successful for a mobile communications center grant thru AFG?

    If so, and if you are willing to share your app, please email me at chomme@salidafire.com.

    I can send successful PPE, MDC, and regional interoperability grant apps as trade.



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    Quote Originally Posted by chomme View Post
    Anyone been successful for a mobile communications center grant thru AFG?
    I thought about that in 2008, but Mobile Comm was not a Tier 1 priority for our population size. That year at the Grant Workshop they indicated that in 2007 there were (virtually) no Tier 2 priority vehicles awarded, so I did not end up producing the narrative. (seems to me that they said Nothing below Priority 1, but then I found out that a Pri 2 was awarded, and the grant narrative must have done a very good job of showing why the vehicle was actually a priority 1 for the area.)

    Maybe you have already read the guidance (I have not) but I highly recommend that to see if what it says on Mobile Comm units. Next, take a look through the awards from past years on the AFG web site and track down how many Mobile Comms were awarded and where they were. Then you can evaluate the project.


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    I concur on the priorities...however, I would think a mobile communications center could be justified as a regional interoperability project if it was equipped and worded as such.

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Last week we had our local workshop and a gentelman from FEMA, explain us that our grant looked very good and the project was well explain, but priorities are for "Fire Apparatus" (Engines, Ladders, Tankers, etc" Command units are communications vehicles, for them they urge us to work with the DHS funds that are given for those purposes like the SHSP and the UASI to name the big two.



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    Wont fly as a regional project. Part of the litmus test for regionals is that all parties of the regional app must end up with equipment. Example, if you are buying radios, all parties to the regional must get some radios. Thats why a mobile training trailer or a mobile cascade doesn't fit the regional thing, because all parties of the grant are not getting equipment and its not "physically distributed" to them all.

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    A mobile comm center is not a high priority item , about on the same level as a hvy rescue. Yes a few have been awarded over the years but you would need an exceptional application to even get by the computer scoring with it.
    Remember that there is less funding available for 2010 , so the odds of making it to award are even higher than before. not to mention the increased cost of apparatus will make for fewer vehicle awards.

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