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    Default Ambulance Management

    I work for a County 911 system who currently has 11 Private EMS Companies with a total of 48 Ambulance bases serving 680sq miles and 420,000 residents.

    We currently have a system where calls come to us, we call and EMS dispatch center and they then call their crews to send them to the call. Obviously a huge time lapse.

    We have received the approval to take over direct dispatching putting AVL in all Ambulances, cutting out 2 phone calls and allowing for immediate dispatch upon the receipt of the call.

    Anyone have an suggestions or can let me know how they manage their EMS system. We will now have to figure out a way to prevent EMS from jumping calls or pooling into one area. Maybe some sort of rotation or lottery for certain area's.

    Any Help would be grateful,
    Dave -

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    Do all the units have GPS on them and does it interact with your CAD? If so, your county needs to determine what their desired response time is on each priority of incident. For Level 1, it should be the closest unit, period. For a level 3 or 4, you might be able to split them up a little bit. Routine assists, if they come through 911, can go to the company the furthest behind.

    Just one idea. Good luck!

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    i know this topic is a bit old now but heres my .02 cents

    we have what we call key station coverages (10 to be exact) and the map of the county is divided into 10 parts and we have to have either one ambulance at the key station (generally a central location in the sector) or two available anywhere in the sector. the key stations are located in critical parts of the county that generally recieve the highest volume of ems calls. if there are no ambulances available in the sector we move one out of another sector to "cover" the other sector until we can get an ambulance from that particular agency to cover it again. slowly but surely the smaller private ems depts are being taken over by the county system though so its just a matter of time before its all just county ems.

    once we get down below 10 ambulances available we have minor key station coverages where the ambulances will be directed to hang out at shopping centers or major intersections that have quick access to different parts of the county.

    hope this helps even if youve already started something at your agency!

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