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    Default SCBA communications...

    What does the NFPA say on communications equipment that allows your interior ops team to talk on the radio via the mask? Is there a standard? If so what is it? If not how would you justify one of these units, besides for the obvious reasons for the need to communicate with the fire ground command and they with the interior teams? Example of what I'm talking about is Clear Comm systems that MSA uses and I'm sure Scott has one just not familiar with it. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I purchased 15 ISI Vikings and Voice Activation System is standard. The only extra is the cable from radio to control switch. NOT cheap however; around $300 each

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    Scott is Radiocom. Requested as equipment a rcvd $ in 2005 with SCBA. We only asked for 4x (12x SCBA) That covers nozzlemen. I wouldn't get carried away with qty. as quite expensive. Get individual facepieces w/voice amp brackets for all FF. And some voice amps.

    You have intrinsically safe waterproof radios to dedicate to them? Also equipment area

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