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    Hello everyone. Just getting a new career rollin in the fire field. I'm in school right now working on a fire science degree. I've done a couple wildland prescribed burns so far and that's about it.

    I'm not sure which route to take, between structure or wildland. From what I understand, wildland is mostly summer work during fire season, as opposed to structural being all year round. It also seems like in the structural world there's more E.M.T. related calls now than fire. If I'm totally off please let me know. Is it possible to do wildland in the summer time and structural for the rest of the year?

    Sorry for sounding like such a newb...

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    You are true about the EMS calls becoming the greater call volume.

    Here is my advice: get your EMS license! Look around at jobs in the fire service and you will notice most are now requiring some kind of EMS training.

    If you are attending SMCC they have a excellent EMT basic and Paramedic program.
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