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    Default Firetruck on Nat Geo (Repeats May2 3pm EST)

    In case anyone missed it last night (like I almost did since I found it by accident)

    National Geographic has a special "Firetruck" show where they borrow a theme fromn Spike's show "Sliced" and create a cut-away of a 1987 Ford-Gruman w/ a 50' Tele-Squirt.


    It was moving - I cried - I'd love to have that old truck and here they are turning it into Beer Cans & BIC Pen springs.

    Was quite interesting to see just how Beefy they were made though. No "exotic metals" just lots and lot of good thick steel.
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    Cool Sliced and Diced

    I saw the show. I was amazed at how good a shape that truck was in. There are hundreds of small fire departments that could have put that truck to good use and they had to trash it for a little bit of TV commercialization. What a waste of a good piece.

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