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    Default Medical Question

    Hey guy's I'm new to Firehouse.com. happy to say it's a really great and informative forum. But a quick question, I did a search on here and on Google before and found nothing..

    Would a screw in my wrist be Medically Disqualifying? I figured I would ask before I go down the path and pursue becoming a Firefighter. I'm 19 years old, about to start school this coming August. I know that with the screw I could still successfully complete the CPAT. I workout now, and physical activity/lifting doesn't bother the screw.


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    Default You may not be screwed

    Is it a big screw or little screw? Brass or stainless? A screw in the wrist isn’t enough info to go on. I would say it has more to do with the injury that is the reason for the screw and how healed you are. Each department is different, but I would say if you could have an orthopedic doc say you were able to do the job, that would be good enough. If you can present a letter from a doctor saying you are able to do the job, and you pass a C-pat with no problem, it shouldn’t be an issue for you.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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    Sorry I didn't include all the information.. It's a small to medium sized Titanium Screw, not very large screw. I broke my Scaphoid Bone and the screw was inserted to ensure healing and healthy bone growth. A long with that, I went through light rehab and was put on a Bone Stimulator for 10/hrs daily post-op.

    Thanks for the advice Capt. Rob, I'll definitly have my Orthopedic check it out, the course of action they took was so that it would heal the best it possibly could so that I could enlist into the Army, but since then I re-thought my route and decided to go down this path.

    Thanks again, Tyler.

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