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    Default Hello from gold country...

    Just Joined Firehouse. I am new to the the world of firefighting/rescue. Come across this site while searching for equipment opinions. I am a member of a Mine Emergency Response Team (MERT) for a surface mine in Northern Nevada. We are a mulit hazard agency. We are trained in the following: Trench Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, HAZMAT Technicians, High and Low Angle Rope Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, Industrial, Structural, and Wildland Firefighting, also First Responder EMS training thru EMT Intermediate. I volunteered for the team after witnessing some close calls in the work environment. I wanted to be prepared in case the next time is not just a near miss. Now that I have gotten some training under my belt I feel good about my choice as we are not just mine specific. We also respond to incidents off of the mine site as well, and many of our members are volunteer firefighters in the towns we live in. I can't wait for whats next? I look forward to anything I can learn from y'all. Thank you for such a great source of information.

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    First off just want to say welcome. the fire/rescue service is the best thing you can get into as your finding out. i dont have any equipment ideas for you though as everything is issued in our dept. once again welcome to the fire service and to the forum ive got some experience but there are people on here that have so much more feel free to pm me any questions

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