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    Default Cascade Question

    Can you apply for both a station mounted cascade and a four bottle mobile refill station?

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    You can apply for anything you want.

    Scoring well enough to get selected for an award is a totally different thing.

    That said how would you justify having both a mobile and a fixed system, which both require a fill containment chamber?
    That will be the question in the minds of the peer reviewers if you get by the computer scoring.
    What specific needs do you have for both systems?

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    We applied for and received a station compressor, cascade and fill station as well as a mobile fill station. We had a mobile cascade but no containment system. It can work, just explain why you need it.
    Jack Boczek, Chief
    Ashley Community Fire Protection District


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    All combinations have been done, we've done several with nothing but the compressor in the station, fill and cascade on the truck, some with fill and cascade in both, etc, etc. Just has to make sense for your need and means of operating.

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