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    Default Too Late to start applying?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it's too late in the year to start applying for a seasonal position in wildland. I know its already May and seems like thats when everything starts. But for personal reasons I feel the need to at least try out being a wildland firefighter. I have about 18 months experience in structural firefighting, certified in FAE, Haz mat ops, paramedic. But I have no wildland experience.

    Is it too late for this year?

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    There are year round applications available on AVUE digital. It probably is too late for this season to get hired on but stranger things have happened. It would be good to get your profile in the system so you can have it ready for next season as well. Good Luck

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    Yeah probobly, I start this sunday. But youll never know until you try.

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    Yeah, most likely. I applied in December, and made calls and visits all through February, which is when I received my offer. You definitely need to apply early though. Getting your S130/190 definitely helps since that'll move you up on the list, and qualify you for a lot more districts. I'm fortunate enough that my agency will be training me as soon as I start to get my red card as soon as possible.

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