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    Default Mobile SCBA Refill Station

    Has anyone ever used this model or know any of the pro's and con's of it? Thanks in advance!!


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    Kinda looks like the one made just south of Appleton but turned sideways.

    Was it tested by a third party? If so, it will probably be OK. I wish I had thought of it.

    From what I understand, if you get at least a 1/4" of A56 steel between you and the cylinder they are normally sufficient when combined with a decent 3/8" thick aluminum tube. The steel generally ends up being two sheets that are 1/8" thick, one being the receiver and the other being the cabinet.

    The only problem I have with the test methods is that companies have to force failure on the cylinder and they do it on the sides (thus the tube). Unfortunately, most documented failures have occurred in the neck area from sustained load cracking, or something like that. Since the neck won't be pointed at the operator, it looks like a winner IMHO. Hopefully, the testing requirements have changed since I was involved in anything like that.

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    The pic shows a Space Saver fill enclosure. This is a horizoltal version of their standard Class ll system. Below is a link to their web site.

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