A new class at Firehouse Expo, Saturday, July 24: Public Information, Education Resources (PIER) and Media Relations - Real PIER Pressure - A Virtual Reality

Public Information and Education Resources (PIER) are all related but distinctly different no matter where you are located or no matter how large or small your agency. In most respects today's news travels faster than ever before. Breaking news and associated media deadlines occur almost every minute of every hour somewhere in the world. It's a 'Virtual World" and things can go viral in a New York minute or in a DC second. Washington, DC Fire Chief Rubin will discuss the DC F&EMS vision of internal and external customer communication - "The Big Picture". Pete Piringer will talk about the challenges and opportunities of public information and media relations in the DC metro area, with a focus toward the 'new' or social media. Billy Hayes will show ways how to link public education opportunities to emergency incidents and public relations in an effort to educate the community through mass media and other techniques. Deputy Chief Ken Crosswhite will talk about crisis management, reputation management and public relations when the media arrives or "strikes".

Presenters: Pete Piringer, Chief PIO, Montgomery County, MD Fire and Rescue Service; William D. Hayes, National Advocate Program Manager, NFFF and Director of Public Information and Community Affairs for the DC Fire and EMS; Kenneth Crosswhite, Deputy Fire Chief, Public Information and Community Affairs; FirehouseŽ Contributing Editor, Fire Chief, District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department

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