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Thread: New Knees?

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    Default New Knees?

    I am 35 and my knees are pretty much shot. My doc says I need a knee replacement thay are so bad. I have been told you can't kneel after the replacement but have heard stories of guys that are back on the job after the surgery. I am hoping not to end my career this early. If anyone has any info they can pass on it would be appriciated.

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    One of our guys had a knee replaced 2 years ago. He was off for a while for rehab. When he came back to work he had a brace for about 6 months. After that he didn't wear it. Far as I can tell he has no problems. Best of luck.

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    My Mom had a knee replacement done about 2 years ago {she's in her late
    60's} and within about 6 months, she was once again square-dancing, kneeling out in the veggie garden and hiking around in the Smokey Mountains. Best of luck!

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    I know I am a bit late with this, however,,,,

    I made a living on the saltwater selling, rigging and racing sailboats year round for many years. With the constant jumping and landing on moving decks and also from trailered boats to concrete, my knees began to worsen. It was the most glamorous way to make a living, however it did take a physical toll. The problems began in my early '30's.

    Several knee surgeries occured over the following years and then on 9/11/09, when returning from taking a client on a fishing trip, I jumped from the bow to the launch ramp like an idiot and knew I screwed up the moment I landed.

    I was a verteran of knowing what to do and when seeing the specialist he said something that shocked me. That he was trying to just make me employable again. EMPLOYABLE AGAIN! Why wouldn't I be employable? The doctor does his suregery and a few weeks later I am back to normal.

    Wrrong, not this time. This has turned into a ordeal. Pulling sections outa my hip and realinging my leg and finally a complete replacement on May 18th 2005. I will have my 5th anniversary on Tuesday. Although it was a 180 degree turn around from not being able to walk for more than ten minutes, my running days are through. I have not even been able to be employable. There are a lot of problems with this and I will advise you on what the doctors code on replacements are. They do not want to replace a knee until you become 50. The reason why is they believe that at your age you will wear out the replacement in only a few years and have to get it replaced again. Once the second replacement is done, that's it, no more for you. When the second is worn out and harmful to you they fuse it. You are now stiff legged. You will never be able to move it. Your only option then is to remove the legg and get a one of the fake ones. Trust me there may be a time when you consider ways to cut your own leg off because the pain can become unbearable. I used to look with envy at those guys with the modern prosthetics.

    My advice is to start taking those new condroitin or whatever to help the knees health. Begin right away in a search to find a brace that can take some of the load from off the knees and make sure the doctors list EVERYTHING that is available.

    Just get yourself prepared mentally for the possiblity that this might be a life long struggle.

    I have been an active volunteer for 21 years. I could never be a career firefighter because of my knees. It is very hard to kneel on any knee replacement and locking your legs while up a ladder is almost impossible. You will have to find a happy medium of what works and what doesn't and remember, get some way to support your knee now and be extra cautious about what you make your knee go through. Like jumping off a moving apparatus or jumping off anything.

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    Thanks for the comments/suggestions. My doc says I'm too young but he also said I'm running out out options. I'm bone on bone and my knee caps are slowly shaving themselves down. They are actually really thin on the edges. My hope is to last as long as possible and was hoping I could wait 6-7 years before I would get to that point but don't think I will make it. Thanks again for sharing.

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