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    Exclamation What Is Required To Obtain "The Badge"

    I'm currently two semesters away from finishing up college with my BA in Communications. I'm currently living in Kansas and striving to becoming a Fireman/EMT. I would love to hear all that's necessary and required to do so. I plan on taking FF1 and FF2 this time next year and will also be doing an Independent Study on the local county's EMT. Help is deeply appreciated. Thank You and God Bless!!!


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    There's not one particular requirement, but interviewing well makes the difference. Take as many speech classes as you can, join toastmasters. Get out of your comfort zone so that you can practice speaking in front of others.

    Volunteer, not just as a volly ff, but in your community. Have some nuggets that will set you apart, why are you better than anyone else?

    Talk to Capt. Bob, he can definitely give you some good advice and help you set your course.

    Cast a wide net, it will give you a better chance of landing the job.

    keep your nose clean, drive slow, work hard.

    good luck!


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