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    Default Question about LDH, Adapters and Nozzles

    I am going to submit a grant based on going to all 5" LDH, the needed adapters and nozzles and monitors. Do i need to list each type of adapter seperatly on the application, or will i be able to generically list " adapters" and submit a price.
    The grant will be a total "Big Water Project", so i just want to do it right. I will have several different things like Ball Intake valves, adapters for 4"-5", Blitzfires and of course the hose.

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    In '08 we were awarded for LDH including adapters, fittings etc. We listed the large ticket items such as piston intakes seperate. Then in a general adapters & fittings we budgeted $7200 which was great. Our suppliers were very competitive on cost bidding so we had plenty to work with.

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