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    Help! I am desperately seeking successful narratives for Zoll Monitors and Head to Toe EMS Extrication Gear. We are a not for profit stand alone EMS agency. We recently upgraded from ILS to ALS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have posted several times with no answer, I hope I am not overstepping by asking for this, as I see that others have.

    My email is

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    Hey, I would help you out, but I have never had to do one for those items, but you will have to loose the Zoll part, at least in the narrative, and the request details as you can't be brand specific. I am sure there are some floating around out there, just gotta find the right person. You may try bc79er or ktb both of them have a few thousand or hundred thousand floating around, and could give you pointers.

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    And make sure that if you're to get the grant, the bid cannot contain any mentions of specific brands whatsoever.

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    Do you need a successful narrative just to see how some are formatted? If so I am sending you an example that has nothing to do with your needs other than it is an AFG narrative.

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